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Mango-cado salad with strawberry poppy seeds vinaigrette

Stuffed Pancake Rolls/Dadar Gulung

Cabot Greek mango and raspberry parfait

Baked salmon with pickled ginger

Oatmeal with coconut milk and caramel

Mashed purple potato with cabbage

Sauteed brussel sprouts with shallot and garlic

Butternut squash sweet potato soup

Warm strawberry cupcakes baked in a teacup

Asparagus Salad and Grilled Prawns with avocado poppy seed vinaigrette

Sweet and sour Tofu

Coconut Pancake with Pineapple

Mango pineapple salsa

Spicy Grilled Prawns with Avocado Rice

Salmon Tempura salad with peanut sauce

Coconut pandan Muffins

Avocado Deviled Eggs

Almond Pancakes with salted caramel cream sauce