Mashed purple potato with cabbage

I had a great weekend ,Elton john concert was great and fun on Saturday night @ Richmond coliseum, then shopping @ williamsburg outlet mall on Sunday.

I found this purple potato @ super H market / Korean  in Fairfax,VA I just have a chance to use up yesterday before it's going bad.

 Ingredients :
- 4 large purple potato
- 1/4 of medium fresh cabbage
- 1 tbsp butter
- 2 tbsp light cream cheese
- salt and pepper to taste

Preparation :
peel and cut potato in cube
wash cabbage and cut into bite size
In a large soup pan bring potatoes and cabbage to boil until soft
drain the water,,
add butter,cream cheese and salt N pepper,and mash with potato masher
ready to serve as side dish for your carb on the plate,serve with any veggies,seafood or meat dishes.


Kitchen Simmer said…
My kids would love to eat purple potatoes. I must buy some and give this a try. :)
Balvinder said…
By adding some cabbage and light cheese you have made it a healthy bowl of mashed potato.
Tes said…
What a beautiful color of that mash! It looks so creamy and yum :) I have never thought of paring potato and cabbage before :)
This looks great. Sort of a purple version of the Irish Colcannon.
Nava K said…
We seldom get purple potatoes over here but sure why not with the US ones. The local potatoes does not work for mashing for I have tried before.

Lovely and you know I have this high weakness for potatoes, so whats stopping me from drooling over this recipe you have shared.
Cucina49 said…
I love the color of purple potatoes, and this looks delicious! Sounds like you had an awesome weekend.
This sounds wonderful! And the family would wonder what the heck I made when I served this purple dish :)
Zoe said…
This purple potato mash looks so unique with its beautiful colour.
easyfoodsmith said…
This looks like a pretty and yummy mash. Though I have never tried purple potatoes...would love to, some day.
Shoutforfood said…
May I just say how much I love your blog! The food looks amazing and I swear I did not know how much saliva my mouth was capable of producing
KitchenKarma said…
What a lovely colour....never heard about purple potato, need to find your new header :-)
TinaRBK said…
I have seen purple potatoes but have yet to cook with them. Your blend here with the cabbage does look inviting. I may need to pick up some of those potatoes next go round. Delicious recipe!
Lovely photos. I thought the same as Anita (Hungry Couple) it sounds like purple colcannon to me!

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