Oatmeal with coconut milk and caramel

Oatmeal,,,Oh oatmeal, I will never cook it again in microwave :(  I always make a mess every time I cook oatmeal in microwave,  Even I follow cooking direction but still,I  always miss it :)
My shortcut breakfast turn into not short anymore because I have to clean up a mess LOL

By the way I don't like plain oatmeal, there is no taste to me,I like to add spices or add with something sweet and creamy, I add ground ginger mixed with dulce de leche for sweetness and add coconut milk in it.

 Ingredients : serve for 2
- 1 cup whole grain oats
- 2 cup water
- pinch of salt
- 1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
- 2 Tbsp coconut milk
- 1 Tbsp caramel/ dulche de leche

preparation :

just follow direction on the package or,
on the stove top,bring water and salt to boil,stir in oat ,cook for about 3-4 minutes
add salt anf groud ginger and add coconut milk and dulche de leche ( caramel sauce )


I love this idea! Adding coconut milk to my shopping list and making your oatmeal this weekend.
Nava K said…
Wow!!! so creative making a dessert with oatmeal. Nice and love it so much.
PinayinTexas said…
This is something I have tried before and I loved it! The taste of coconut milk works so well in oatmeal!
Kitchen Simmer said…
Great way to make bland old oatmeal taste like a yummy decadent dessert! I agree... sometimes the convenience of the microwave is not worth the clean up. :)
Like you, I don't like plan oatmeal. I like that you added coconut milk to the oatmeal.
Anonymous said…
Oh, great idea to add coconut milk to the oatmeal! And of course, the caramel! Yum!
Peggy said…
Oh yummy! This sounds like such a fabulous idea for oatmeal =)
Oooh, I've never thought of adding caramel to oatmeal...YUM!
Inessa said…
New way of eating oatmeal. Love the idea of adding coconut milk. :)
reyah said…
oatmeal is not my favorite, but i would like to try your ideas...for a change.
This looks so good- I love oatmeal and am always looking for different ways to eat it! Never tried coconut milk in it before but will have to!
Kai ruchi said…
Caramel and oatmeal, never thought of this combination before. Would love to try it sometime!

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