About me

arrisonbur, VA, United States
My name is Ridwan, I'm Indonesian from the island of java, I grown-up in a small town about 25 km from Bandung the capital city of west-java. My first language is Sundanese (west java tribal language)
The second language is Bahasa Indonesia ( national language) English is my third language that I learn since in junior high school, so correct me if spell wrong or missed words.

Since I was teenager I always help my mother to cook, to help her out after her busy day at the traditional farmers market, cook is my passion since then, our food is very basic, we eat rice everyday with varieties of side dishes, vegetables, fish or meats, and I love anything with coconut.

Coconut is very popular ingredients in Indonesia, So I want to dedicated this rice and coconut as my favorite basic ingredients from my homeland country.
I don't eat pork and I didn't like cheese until I come to United State almost 20 years ago, but guess what ? cheese is a part of list ingredients now, I blended with Asian flavor.

I didn't measure ingredients recipes, just eyeball it and taste it, unless if I have to bake I definitely need measurements! 
But don't worry I write down the recipes and preparation before I post them on the blog, Enjoy and have fun in the kitchen like I do :)

Thanks for visit and enjoy.


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