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Summer Berries and Mango Fiesta

First of all Thank you  Foodbuzz  for accepting my proposal for this Dinner party,I'm so thrilled to be feature on foodbuzz 24x24  for this month. I choose the theme "Summer Berries and Mango Fiesta" just to welcome SUMMER my favorite season of the year. Summer is when I have a little vegetables garden in the back yard,and fresh herbs on the back porch.  Since I'm originally from tropical country Indonesia I enjoy hot weather. As I love the fruits I have two reason why I choose berries and mango on this theme. Why Berries? Because strawberries,blueberries,raspberries,blackberries are something that I didn't see much in the traditional market when I lived in my small town in part of west-java Indonesia. Since I didn't have a chance to enjoy these berries in Indonesia I enjoy them now that I live in the US. Why mango? Unlike berries this tropical fruit is really easy to find and is everywhere from traditional market to street vendors during mang