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potato tofu curry

Potato and tofu blended well together with this local bok-choy from magpie drive thru market in downtown Harrisonburg,VA, Because the coronavirus pandemic this drive thru market is the best concept for some of us who avoid to go to grocery store to get local produce or any items that availbale online for curbside /drive thru pick- up on their schedule pick- up day. This vegan dish potato tofu curry is one of the best selling in our cafe , Since We are closed the busines until this coronavirus pandemic improves, I have times to blog about this, Firm tofu is the best for this curry, you can lightly fry or get the one already fried or bake at the grocery store. INGREDIENTS - 1lb potato - 2 block fried or baked firm tofu - 1lb bok-choy or baby bok-choy - 2 Tbsp vegetable oil - 1 1/2 cup coconut milk Spice paste ingredients -  Fresh ginger about 2 inch - 5 shallots  - 7 cloves garlic - 2 Tbsp coriander - 2 Tbsp curry powder - 1 stalk lemongrass chopped (optional) -

vanilla cream macaron

Our small cafe have been closed temporarily for more that two weeks now, I hope this copid-19 pandemic will over soon, so people can go out and doing normal routine again. I miss making this delicate french macaron to sell in our cafe , I hope wont be long until our days is normal again but for now our safety is priority please everyone stay safe and healthy! Ingredients : - 1 cup almond flour - 2 cups confectioner's sugar - 4 eggs white - 6 Tbsp granulate sugar - 3 drop gel black food coloring Filling : - 8 oz mascarpone cheese/room temperature - 1 cup heavy cream - 4 Tbsp granulated sugar - 1 Tbsp vanilla bean paste Preparations : - Line two cookies sheet with silicon baking mate combine confectioner, sugar,almond flour in a food processor, pulse into fine powder sift mixture into medium bowl, discard large pieces and set aside. - Beat egg whites in large bowl with electric mixer at medium speed until foamy gra