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Vanilla cream puffs

I love the softness about the cream puffs, slightly sweet and crisp on out side, the cream filling make this dessert taste special, you can fill with simple whipped cream or homemade vanilla cream, Just an idea if you like nutella add into vanilla cream it taste well together. Ingredients : two dozen buns / puffs - 1 cup all purpose flour - 1 tsp sugar - 1/2 tsp salt - 1 stick / 8 spoon unsalted butter room temperature - 1 cup water - 5 large eggs room temperature (one for egg wash) Directions: Preheated oven on 400 F Mix the flour with sugar and salt In a sauce pan bring water and butter to boil until  about boiling and all the butter melted Remove from the stove, add flour mixture and stir, Put back on the stove and stir about a minute or so let them cool or release the steam in mixer on low beat for about two minutes until lukewarm Beaten 4 eggs  add into lukewarm flour paste little bit at a time, beat until you have smooth glossy paste place teaspoon o