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Butternut squash sweet potato soup

This  butternut squash soup recipe is one of my first blog post That I never share,I got the recipe from my friend Kitty,originally butternut squash with pears,but this time I made with sweet potato/yam, I made this soup so many times :) Ingredients : - 1  butternut squash - 3  sweet potato - 2  Tbsp olive oil - 1  yellow onion - 3  cloves garlic - 4 cups chicken stock / vegetable stock - 1 Tbsp Montreal's steak seasoning - 2  bay leaves - 1 tsp curry powder - 1 tsp salt or/by taste - 1  tsp black pepper - 1  tsp red pepper ( optional ) - 1 cup heavy cream Preparation : Peel butternut squash and  sweet potato and cut in cube chop onion and garlic then fry until cook/soft,add  chicken stock and all seasoning  ingredients except heavy cream Bring to boil until soft, and ready to blend or puree ( take bay leaves before you blend,and  )  pour heavy cream while you blend / hand blender or puree on food processor ready to serve with toa