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Is not Pizza is Pita with arugula

This is a simple way to have dinner,if I don't feel like to cook sometime, I always had homemade sun dried tomato humus on the fridge,,,yes always you can find recipe here : Ridwan's Kitchen / Asian-spice mix: Sun dried tomato humus Is kind of Pizza but I use pocket-less pita instead pizza crust/dough and Humus for pizza sauce,why not,just a try :) very simple and don't take much time :) you will need : pocket- less pita bread/store bought Humus mozzarella cheese/shredded arugula sun dried tomato Parmesan cheese preparation : pre heat oven 350 F meanwhile spread humus on pita bread and topping with shredded mozzarella cheese in to the oven until cheese is melted,it take few minutes topping with  arugula,little bit chopped sun dried tomato and  sprinkles with Parmesan cheese ready to serve immediately !! enjoy,,,,

Pita arugula pizza

I'm about cleaning the fridge and the freezer this week,I want to use old stuff before too long,,, sometime the way I shop grocery's is not organize,I mean,,,I always got something that actually I don't need it at the time just stock in the Pantry,fridge or freezer.,,, so I will change little bit,I have an idea not to have big shopping cart when I'm at the grocery store,,,,maybe just use the small one or a basket,,,LoL,, By the way,,, I read on the TV screen yesterday morning,when I was at the gym, I don't pay attention what is about,,,I think someone was talking about a book,one of them is about  to do shopping, so this give me an idea,,how to do  grocery's shopping :) I found two pitta bread ,,, I use them as a pizza crusts !! is very simple pizza,two pita bread is perfect is only two of us at home anyway :) Pita arugula pizza Ingredients: 2 pita bread 1/2 cup shredded mozzarella cheese 6 tbs tomato basil marinara sauce 2 cup baby arugula Parmes

zucchini square pizza

Ingredients : 2 roll up ( for  thin crust ) 4 tbs basil pesto sauce ( i have the recipe on previous post 1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese 12 sliced zucchini this  thin crust pizza need to layer ( otherwise is very thin ) Direction : set oven on 350 first layer 2 tbs basil pesto sauce,spread on the thin crust and topped with 1/2 cup mozzarella cheese place/layer the second thin crust on top ( when the cheese melted the 2nd layer will be stick ) spread 2 tbs basil pesto sauce and half of  cheese top with sliced zucchini and top with  remaining cheese bake for about 18 minutes just slice it square