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Fish Taco's

I've been change around of taco filling as long as I use Old El Paso taco's seasoning mix,all is good to me,either meat or seafood,and is very easy to prepare too :) Fish taco Ingredients :  yield for 6 taco's 6 oz catfish 1 small package 28 gr ( old el paso taco seasoning mix ) 2 tbs olive oil 6 yellow corn taco's shells shredded lettuce tomato salsa :  garden tomato salsa shredded cheddar cheese Greek plan yogurt /sour cream Preparation heat olive oil on the skillet in medium high cut catfish in to bite size mix catfish and taco's seasoning and fry until cook ( about  6 minutes ) and ready to fill the taco's shells with  layer of taco's filling ingredients.

Shrimp taco

Shrimp taco Ingredients  and preparations : 6 crunchy taco shell romaine lettuce/shredded o 1 cup chopped shrimp ( just cook shrimp with 1 tbs olive oil and add  1 tbs taco seasoning mix/old Elpaso) chopped red onion finely shredded cheese/fiesta blend salsa sour cream hot sauce ( optional) just layer ingredients on crunchy taco shell