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Yellow zucchini shrimp fritters

Yellow zucchini and shrimp fritters sour cream herbs sauce Summer season is gone,from now on is getting cold and colder in the morning. I start blogging about cooking/recipes this summer  about four months ago so is not too long,it's been fun and  motivated me to read and share with other food blogger,I had  few experiment on baking and learn more and more,,,, The plants is almost  over in my little garden in the back yard,still have little bit of tomatoes and  a lot of Thai chilli's ( I have to freeze  these chili's ) and thanks to my friend cindy and bridget to share what they have in the their garden one of them is yellow zucchini,,, the last zucchini I had from them about a month ago,I can believe is still good and firm,of course I don't want to throw away,,,so I made zucchini fritters  mixed with shrimp :) Yellow zucchini and shrimp fritters Ingredients : 1 yellow zucchini 1 egg 1/2 cup chopped cooked shrimp 5 tbs