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Strawberry swis miss smoothie

Still have leftover Swiss miss from the winter ? don't worry you still can use in cold drinks in the summer, any chocolates mixed with strawberry it's always work well together, It's wort to try, Use milk or any dairy free milk if you like. Ingredients : - 1 cup strawberry - 1/2 cup strawberry yogurt - 1/2 cup almond milk - 2 Tablespoon swiss miss chocolate mix ( blender all ingredients until smooth and ready to serve )

Strawberry chocolate condensed milk ice cream

Only three ingredients needed for this strawberry chocolate condensed milk, fresh and slightly sweet from chocolate condensed milk. Use regular condensed milk if you don't find any sweetened chocolate condensed milk or you can mix half cup condensed milk with half cup chocolate syrup. Ingredients: - 16 oz fresh strawberry - 1/2 cup almond milk/ milk - 1 cup chocolate condensed milk Preparations: Wash,trim and cut fresh strawberry Transfer strawberry into blender or food processor add almond milk or milk and chocolate condensed milk blender or puree strawberry mixed until smooth process in the Ice cream maker until firm ( ice cream consistency )

Dates chocolate and PB balls

The dessert balls it taste so fruity,nutty and rich in chocolate made out of girl scouts   dulche de leche owl  mixed with one bar of chili chocolate ,dates and peanut butter, the good news is I made them in microwave, need only four ingredients and few minutes to make those chocolate balls, set in the fridge until firmed. Ingredients ; - 10 piece seedless date/chop - 1 strip  lindt chili chocolate - 5  dulche de leche owl - 1/2 cup chunk peanut butter Direction: Rough chop chocolate strip and mix with dulche de leche owl in a small bowl, cook in microwave about a minute or so until melted add chopped date and peanut butter,stir until combine,let them cool ready to make a ball using plastic wrap to shape the little balls Put in the fridge before you serve, to get perfect firmed balls.

mozzarella cheese risoles

Risoles are Indonesian snack, called  risol  (pronounced 'riss-ol'). They are commonly filled with chicken, egg, carrot, common bean, potato, and eaten with  chilli sauce  ( wikipedia ) It is  similar with egg rolls except the risoles skin is softer, made out of flour mixed with egg and milk or coconut milk, it's like pancake batter but lighter, brush with egg wash and coated with bread crumb before it fry. As an experiment I try to add mozzarella cheese in it, It was delicious. Served as appetizer, snack or side dish. Filling Ingredients : - 2 carrot / dice - 2 chicken breast / cooked  / dice ( I use leftover rotisserie chicken breast) - 1 cup green peas or thinly slice green beans - 1 yellow onion ( chopped ) - 2 clove garlic ( chopped ) - bunch of green onion - 2 Tbsp  flour - 1 cup milk - 2 cube chicken bouillon - 1/2 tsp celery salt - 1 teaspoon fresh grated nutmeg/half of fresh nutmeg - 1 teaspoon black pepper

Indomilk coffee smoothie

When I visited my country Indonesia about two months ago, I bought couple cans of  Indonesian chocolate sweetened condensed milk , I normally use this condensed milk for pudding or use in any dessert or indonesian way to have hot chocolate just simply mixed with hot water. So this time I try to use in smoothies, chilled coffee blended with chocolate condensed milk,ice cube and plain yogurt or use vanilla ice cream instead. Slightly sweet and creamy, It's perfect drink to wake me up to start my day off :) Ingredients : serve for 2 - 1 1/2 cup chilled brewed coffee - 2 Tbsp  Chocolate sweetened condensed milk - 8 ice cube - 1 cup vanilla yogurt or ice cream ( just blender all ingredients together until smooth and ready to serve )

Pasta with arugula in sun dried tomato pesto sauce

Quick and easy skillet pasta with arugula in super easy semi homemade sun dried tomato pesto  sauce  mixed with tomato sauce,garlic,onion and sweet basil is ready under 30 minutes. Ingredients : - 1 package  ranzoni garden delight pasta - 4 oz  fresh arugula The sauce : - 2 Tablespoon olive oil - 3 cloves garlic/chop - 1/4 red onion/chop - 3 Tablespoon  sun dried tomato pesto - 1 can 8 oz tomato sauce no salt added - 1 tablespoon dry sweet basil - 1/2 teaspoon sugar - salt and pepper to taste Directions : Cook pasta follow direction on the package meanwhile in large skillet heat olive oil fry chop garlic and onion until soft add 3 Tablespoon  Sun dried tomato pesto , tomato sauce,dry sweet basil,sugar and salt and pepper to taste, add 3/4 cup boiling water from the pasta. cook the sauce  until boiling and add pasta into the sauce, stir Add  arugula stir evenly and ready to serve.

Warm strawberry-chocolate teacup cakes

The cupcakes baked in teacup in hot water in roasting pan,layer with strawberry jam,cakes batter and a piece of chocolate on top it taste so good together. I use les chocolats yves thuries   but you can use any chocolate truffles or any sweet chocolate. A spoonful of delicious warm moist cake,strawberry jam and melted chocolate in one bite.  Ingredients: - 8 Tbsp unslated butter softened,plus extra for greasing - 4 Tbsp strawberry jam - 1/2 cup sugar - 2 eggs lightly beaten - 1 tsp vanilla extract - 3/4 cup self-raising white flour - fresh strawberry for topping ( optional ) - confectioner's for dusting Preparation : * preheat the oven to 350 degree F,grease four heavy ,round teacup with butter,spoon 1 Tablespoon strawberry jam in the bottom of each teacup. * put the butter and sugar in the bowl and beat together until light and fluffy,gradually add the eggs,beating well after each addition,then add the vanilla extract,sift i

Spicy Mango-naise sauce

I love anything about mango, in dessert,salad or I even have for my breakfast sometime, I found mango powder at season with spices   to add more mango flavored to homemade mango-naise sauce, is simply few ingredients mixed  together until combine mayonnaise ,fresh mango puree,cury powder,honey and hot sauce as optional for spiciness. I add this mango-naise sauce to any sandwiches and taco's  seapak popcorn shrimp sandwich ,  Grilled shrimp arugula taco's  or in burgers. Ingredients: - 1/2 cup mayonnaise - 1/2 cup mango puree - 1/2 tsp curry powder - 1 tsp mango powder - 1 teaspoon hot sauce/sriracha - 1/2 tsp honey Direction just mix all ingredients until combine

sweet and salty grilled cheese sandwich

Simple way to have a special grilled cheese sandwich, a combination sweet,salty and creamy at one bite Inspired by Indonesian food  martabak manis/sweet martabak The sweetness from nutella layered with finely shredded white cheddar cheese and creamy peanut butter all layered in three slices butter bread. Ingredients : estimates -  3 or 4 slices bread -  1 Tbsp nutella -  1 Tbsp finely shredded white cheddar cheese -  1 Tbsp creamy peanut butter -  chocolate condensed milk for garnish ( optional ) ( Heat large skillet or flat grill pan,brush slices bread with butter on one side and spread each slice bread with nutella,shredded cheddar cheese and creamy peanut butter, grilled slices bread until brown /grilled mark about a minutes or so and layer the slices bread together ) *Tip* you can layer 4 slices bread if you like or as many as you like for a thickness.

seapak popcorn shrimp sandwich

This is a short cut to have shrimp sandwich, I use store-bought steak rolls   seapak popcorn shrimp , spinach, drizzle with homemade  mango-naise sauce ( mango puree mixed with mayonnaise and hot sauce ) on top. Ingredients : - 12 oz seapak popcorn shrimp -  spinach,arugula or lettuce -  steak rolls mango-naise sauce : - 4 Tbsp mango puree - 4 Tbsp mayonnaise - 1 Tbsp hot sauce - 1/2 teaspoon mango powder ( in a small bowl mix all sauce ingredients until combine ) Direction: Cook the popcorn shrimp follow direction on the package fill the steak rolls with spinach,popcorn shrimp and drizzle with mango-naise sauce.