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roasted sweet potato and tomato soup

This roasted sweet potato and tomato soup can be prepare as dairy free soup, just skip the sour cream and replace with coconut milk. I like spicy on the soup so I add hot chili and roasted together with the rest ingredients, if you don't like spicy at all you can skip the chili as well or just add pinch of red pepper flakes Serve with fresh store bought french baguette or toast. Ingredients : - 3 medium size sweet potato - 6 large tomato - 1 yellow onion - 4 clove garlic - 11/2 Tbsp dry basil -  2 hot chili or pinch red pepper flakes / optional - 1 teaspoon black pepper - 1 teaspoon salt/taste - 4 Tbsp olive oil - 1 teaspoon honey - 1/2 cup sour cream / 1/2 cup coconut milk Directions: Preheat the oven on 400 F Peel sweet potato and cut in large cube, Cut tomato in wedges slice onion and crush garlic, transfer all cut ingredients,garlic and chili into baking dish, sprinkle with olive oil  and dry seasoning ( dry basil,red

seared mahi-mahi with apricot teriyaki ginger sauce

I try two way how to cook this mahi-mahi, Can be marinate first with apricot sauce mixture  about ten minutes or so. Or brush the fish both side with the sauce and cook in a skillet right away for 3 minutes each side or until cook through and spoon the remaining sauce on top, I like either way. I served this seared mahi-mahi with  caramelized brussel sprouts  with sweet soy sauce and potato dish, it's perfect meal for dinner that evening. Ingredients : - 2  4 oz mahi-mahi fillet - salt and pepper - 1 Tbsp butter - 2 Tbsp apricot jam - 3 Tbsp teriyaki ginger sauce - 1/2 teaspoon cardamom powder Direction : Mix apricot jam,ginger teriyaki sauce and cardamom powder in a small sauce pan simmer in low heat for few minutes until apricot jam are melted and stir really well, set aside Season the fish with salt and pepper, marinate the fish with apricot  mixture sauce for about 10 minutes, Heat butter in skillet in medium high temperatur cook for 3-4 min

Mango olive salsa

In previous post I mentioned that I have a lot of tomato this season, I take my friend idea to keep some in the freezer for the winter, So I blanch some tomato,peel the skin and freeze them, it doesn't take long time to do that a, So now I know how to keep them for the winter season. And today I made salsa with mango and olive mix with tomato, onion,sweet pepper and cilantro, I never have olive on salsa but it taste good together. This mango olive salsa can be served on  Taco's ,  grilled salmon  or dip with any potato or tortilla chips as appetizer. Ingredients : - 1 ripe mango - 1 cup green olives - 1 yellow onion - 1 large tomato - 2 sweet pepper - 1 jalapeno or any hot pepper / optional - handful fresh cilantro - 1 lime juice - 1 Tablespoon olive oil - 1/2 Tablespoon honey -  Pinch of salt / to taste Direction : Dice mango,olive,tomato,onion,sweet pepper and hot pepper, chop cilantro, mix all ingredients in a  medium bowl add lime juice,olive oil

Upside-down tomato tart

We have a lot of tomatoes from the garden lately, we shared some with friends but I still have too much, I need to use up these tomato soon, One of my friend told me I can blanch them, peel the skin and freeze them save for the winter,  I might try that today. By the way I made this upside-down tomato tart yesterday It doesn't look perfect but taste delicious the Cherry tomato it's perfect on this tart, little sweet,salty, tangy and crusty in one bite. Ingredients : - 2 tbsp butter - 1 tbsp sugar - 1 lb 2 oz cherry tomatoes, halved - 2 clove garlic crushed - 2 teaspoon white wine vinegar - Pinch salt and pepper Pastry : - 1 3/4 cups all-purpose flour,sifted - pinch of salt - 1/2 cup butter - 1 tbsp dry basil plus extra for garnish ( optional ) - 1 teaspoon Italian seasoning - 5 Tbsp cold water Direction Preheat the oven too 400 F/200C Melt the batter in a skillet, Add the sugar and stir over high heat until just turning golden brow. Re

Mango berries ginger crisp

This is one of my favorite fruits crisp so far, mango mix with berries ( blueberry,raspberry and blackberry ) mixed with Asian spices fresh ginger,nutmeg and lemon zest and  lemon juice. Since the fruits have natural sweet taste in it, So I only add sugar on the crisp topping to adjust the sweetness. This dessert  can be served warm and served with a scoop vanilla or strawberry ice cream for a treat. I made this dessert about two years ago as one of the menu for  the event of  foodbuzz 24x24 , and I make it again yesterday for dinner with friends. Mango berries ginger crisp Ingredients : - 2 cups black berries - 2 cup raspberries - 3 cup blueberries - 2 mango/ peeled,pitted and cut in cube - 2 tbsp grated ginger - 1 lemon zest / juice - 1/2 teaspoon grated fresh nutmeg Topping crumbled / crisp - 1 cup granola - 1 cup oath - 3/4 cup brown sugar - 3/4 cup flour - 1 stick unsalted butter/cold (Mix all ingredients into food processor just process unti

caramelized brussel sprouts

If you are a big fan of brussel sprouts, try this caramelized sweet soy sauce brussel sprouts recipe, with only four ingredients needed and ready in less than fifteen minutes, it taste so good. One of the ingredient are   Indonesian sweet soy sauce /kecap manis  is available at Asian market, sweet and thicker than soy sauce, it's good to add on stir fry, fried rice and to make sauces. Ingredients : - 2 lbs brussel sprouts - 3 Tbsp olive oil - 2 Tbsp sweet soy sauce - 1 Tbsp soy sauce Direction ; Wash,trim and cut brussel sprouts in half In large skillet heat olive oil in medium high temperature Fry brussel sprouts about 5 minutes or so and stir Add sweet soy sauce and soy sauce and cook until golden brown and all the liquid is caramelized remove from the heat and ready to serve.

Marzipan whirls

I say this so many times mango is one of my favorite fruit that I always have in my kitchen, I just love anything about it. Of course I like to experiment anything with mango flavor  here is some of  mango recipes  on my blog. And this time I try to make marzipan whirls  cookies with mango jam for the filling in the center it taste good together with almond paste and the cookies is golden brown,crunch and not too sweet. I bring them for the meeting last thursday,I'am glad that everyones enjoy it, I will make it again soon with different flavor. Ingredients: - 1 cup unsalted butter,softened - 4 Tbsp superfine sugar - 1/2 teaspoon almond extract - 2 cups all purpose flour,sifted - 2 Tbsp milk - 4 Tbsp almond paste - 8 Tbsp mango jam,warmed - confectioner's sugar for dusting Directions : Preheat oven to 375 F,place 16 paper liners in a Muffin fan place the butter,sugar and almond extract in a mixer and proses until pale and fluffy Add the flour

Fruit salad with spicy tamarind palm sugar diping sauce and event

Mix fruits salad serve with tamarind palm sugar sauce is one of the menu for bridal shower at  Glass house winery  last Sunday and I'm glad everyone enjoy it. I've been experiment how to create this famous Javanese mix fruits salad or Indonesians called  rujak  in different way and display ( see the pictures bellow ) This fruits salad /  rujak  can be serve as simple as you want slices fruit and dip directly to the sauce  or drizzle into mix fruits. But this is one of my favorite,  Diced fruits serve on sweet pepper and drizzle with the sauce on top, It's perfect for a finger foods party. Or you can serve on the stick and dip into the sauce, You can use any fruits you like I like to use mango and ripe yellow papaya is best for this recipe. This picture make me happy I'm glad everyone enjoy the foods and I have a great time and Thank you all ! Special Thanks to Mark  for your help and to take these pictures for me :)

Stuffed tofu

Suffed tofu or we called tahu isi, Is indonesian snack can be find easily in street side vendor serve with chili or any hot sauce. Made out of soy puff filled with ground meat and chopped vegetables, dip into batter mixture and deep fried until golden brown. "TIP" for the vegetarian-vegan version just omit the ground meat. Ingredients : - 2 Tbsp vegetable oil - 3 cloves shallots/ chop - 3 clove garlic/chop - 1 teaspoon grated ginger - 1 lb ground chicken - 2 cups chopped mushroom - 1 carrot / grated - 2 cups chopped cabbage - 2 cups beans sprout - 2 stalk green onion - 1 teaspoon salt - 1/2 teaspoon black pepper - 1 1/2 Tbsp sweet soy sauce - 18 soy puffs/tofu - vegetable oil for deep fry Batter ingredients : - 1 1/2 cup all purpose flour - 1/2 cup corn meal - 2 Tbsp rice four - 2 eggs - 1 1/2 cup cold water - 1/2 teaspoon salt and pepper - 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder Direction : In medium skillet heat vegetable oil,  Fry shallot,