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Salmon Curry with snow peas

Salmon is one of my favorite fish,I like to prepare salmon with any method/cooking technique from sear,grill,bake or fry. either way salmon don't take much time to cook. This time I try to cook in curry sauce, As a tip,if cook salmon with liquid, don't flip to much, just flip one time after salmon it's cooked  and don't stir on the simmering sauces either,  salmon is very soft after cooked. Ingredients : - 2 6 oz fresh salmon fillet - 1/2 found  fresh snow peas for the curry sauce : - 1 clove garlic - 1 shallot - 1 tbsp finely chopped lemon grass - 2 kafir lime leaves - 1 tbsp vegetable/olive oil - 1/2 cup coconut milk mix with 1/2 cup water - 1 tsp curry powder - pinch of turmeric powder - pinch of cayenne pepper powder - pinch of red pepper flakes - pinch of brown sugar - salt and black pepper to taste Preparation : Cut salmon fillet in cube/bite size wash snow peas,set aside on the deep skillet heat vegetable oil,fry chopped garlic,s

Crockpot Beef and green beans stew in the bread bowl

I spice up this crockpot beef and green beans stew with Asian flavor and  served in bread bowl or can be served over rice too for more option, flavorful dish, protein,vegetable and carb on a bread bowl. Ingredients : - 2 lbs beef/for stew - 4 cans of green bean - 2 clove chopped garlic - 2 clove chopped shallot - 1 tbsp grated ginger - 2 fresh chopped cayenne pepper/ 1 tsp red pepper flakes - 1/2 tbsp salt or more to tatse - 1 tsp black pepper - 1/2 tsp cardamom powder - 1/2 tsp coriander powder - 1/2 tsp fresh nutmeg - 3 star anise - 2 bay leaves - 3 inches fresh galangal - 1 tsp brown sugar - 1 can of coconut milk Preparation : place crockpot with slow cooker liners or cook directly to the crockpot put beef chunk and green beans add all spices ingredients,and pour with coconut milk cook on high temperature for about 30 minutes and switch to slow temperature and let them cook for about 4-5 hours I serve with storebought demi bagu

Spinach chicken salad with lemon balsamic mango

Easy light dinner,,, Sometime if I feel like I don't want to cook,I don't have to go out to eat all the time,just make a simple one,I use cooked chicken tender or grilled chicken breast from a grocery store for this spinach chicken dinner is ready in less than ten minutes :) This Balsamic mango had a sweet taste by adding lemon juice and honey mustard is perfect for this  salad. you will need : - fresh spinach - fresh sliced strawberry - chunk fresh mango - sliced cooked chicken tender/ grilled chicken breast - roasted walnut for the dressing : - 2 tbsp lemon juice - 1 tbsp honey mustard - 2 tbsp balsamic glaze with mango ( whisk them together until combine  and pour into salad mixed )

Rice beans nachos with Asian twist

Unlike regular Mexican nachos,this rice bean nachos full with Asian spices ingredients and cook with coconut milk and there is no cheese in it,that why I call it "Asian twist" but you can add cheese if you like !! I do like regular nachos that why I made this version just a try :) Ingredients  for rice beans mixed : - 1/2 cup long grain rice - 1 can black bean 15.5 oz - 1 can cannellini bean 15.5 oz - 1 tbsp olive oil - 1 yellow onion - 2 clove garlic - 1 6 inches cinnamon stick - 2 clove star anise - 2 cup coconut milk - 2  cup water - 1 tbsp grated ginger - 1/2 tsp paprika - 1 tsp cumin - 1 tbsp salt - 1/2 tsp cardamom powder - 1 tbsp hot sauce ( I use Indonesian hot sauce ) / sriracha/any hot sauce as optional And you also need : - corn tortilla chips - 1 ripe avocado/chunk - sour cream Preparation : rinse the rice,set aside,chop onion and garlic In large soup pan heat olive oil fry chopped onion and garlic until soft add cinnamon sti

Coconut string juice

The basic ingredients in this drinks are coconut water and sweet coconut string macapuno  you can add ripe slices jack fruits,avocado or slices ripe mango if you like. The drinks is very popular in tropical country Indonesia,simple and easy to prepare and only need few ingredients needed, It's perfect cold sweet drinks for hot summer weather. Ingredients; - 1/2 glass of ice cube - 1 1/2  cup coconut water/juice - 1 Tbsp condensed milk - 2 Tbsp young coconut strings -  ripe jack fruits, ripe avocado or diced mango * the coconut strings is sweetened,if you want less sweet just reduce condensed milk to 1 teaspoon per/glass " How to prepare: Simply just mix all ingredients together,stir and served immediately E N J O Y ,,,

srikaya and raspberry jam thumbprint cookies

Ingredients : - 2 stick unsalted butter/room temperature - 3/4 cup sugar - 2 eggs yolk - 2 cup flour - pinch of salt - 1 tsp coconut extract - 1/2 cup srikaya jam/coconut egg spread - 1/2 cup raspberry jam or any kinds jam you like SRIKAYA JAM / COCONUT EGG SPREAD Preparation : Preheat oven on 350 F prepare baking sheets pan with parchment paper or grease baking sheets pan shift flour and salt,set aside cream butter and sugar until fluffy add egg yolk one at a time,add coconut extract add flour mix until the dough start to come together shape the dough into small balls, presh with thumb and fill them with srikaya jam or any  fruits jam/preserve you like. put into baking sheet about 2 inches a part ready to the oven, bake for 20-25 minutes E N J O Y ,,,

Spiced Basmati Rice

Basmati rice has a typical  pandan -like ( Pandanus fascicularis  leaf) flavour caused by the  aroma compound   2-acetyl-1-pyrroline . [ 1 ] Basmati rice is often used for cooking  biryani ,  pulao , and sometimes  kheer Ingredients : - 2 cups white basmati rice - 3 1/2 cups chicken broth - 1 Tbsp olive oil - 1 Tbsp unsalted butter - 1 cup chopped yellow onion - 1-3 inch cinnamon stick - 2 bay leaves - 1 tsp cardamom powder - pinch of turmeric - pinch of salt - 1/2 cup yellow golden raisin (optional) Preparation : Rinse rise in several changes of cold water until water runs clear,drain well In deep skillet or large pan heat butter and olive oil on high heat,add onion,saute for about 2-3 minutes add basmati rice,stir cook about 2 minutes add chicken broth,bay leaves  and cinnamon stick and cardamom powder  and golden raisin over high heat, then reduce heat to low and cook,covered until rice is tender and liquid is absorbed about 15

coconut-pandan cupcakes with pandan coconut frosting

This cupcakes is full of pandan and coconut flavor, pandan paste can be use for a green coloring for foods and flavor at the same time. Ingredients : - 1 stick soft unsalted butter / room temperature - 3/4 cup sugar - 2 eggs - 1 cup shifted all purpose flour - 1/2 cup shredded coconut - 4 drop pandan paste for frosting : - 1 stick soft unsalted butter/room temperaure - 1/2 cup powder sugar/confectioner's sugar - 2 tablespoon coconut cream - 2 tablespoon coconut milk - 1/2 tsp poppyseeds/ optional ( just an experiment  to add color in frosting ) ( beat all ingredients until combine ) Preparation : preheat oven to 350 F put 12 paper baking cup into  baking pan / muffin's pan beat butter and sugar until soft and fluffy,add egg one at a time add flour, shredded coconut and pandan paste continue to beat until combine fill the paper cup/ divide batter into 12 muffin's cup ready to bake for 25-30 minutes,let them cool completely and ready to a

mascarpone grits with sunny side up

Quick and easy breakfast meal to start a busy days, It take few minutes to have this creamy mascarpone grits with sunny side up for your breakfast You can cook the grits in the microwave or on the stove,meanwhile get sunny side up egg in the skillet while the grits is in the process, Now you have It a perfect meal for breakfast. Ingredients : - 2 cup water - 6 tbsp Quick grits - 1 tsp butter - 2 tbsp mascarpone cheese - pinch salt and pepper ( optional ) - fried egg Preparation : Bring 2 cup water to boil and slowly stir grits and salt into briskly boiling water reduce the heat to medium low and stir frequently cook  about 5 minutes or until thickened stirring occasionally. remove from heat add 1 Tbsp butter and 2 Tbsp mascarpone cheese serve with fried egg if you like. OR cook in the microwave follow the direction on the package and add the rest of ingredients

Papaya mango crush

Looking for drink recipe idea for hot summer days,this maybe the one you like,papaya with mango juice and crushed ice. Ingredients :  - 3 cups chunk fresh ripe papaya - 1 cups club soda - 2 cups mango juice - 4 cup crushed ice - 1 tbsp lime juice ( blender all ingredients until smooth and ready to serve immediately ) Have a great sunday !!

Fruits salad with balsamic glaze with mango

As you know I'm a big fan of mango, so anything about mango I'm in. There is no recipe on this post I just want to share this yummy "balsamic glaze with mango" a gift from my friend,Thank You Cathleen !! for the salad : - 1/4 watermelon - 1 mango - 1 dragon fruit ( or any fruit you like ) ( scoop watermelon,and cut mango and dragon  fruit in cube sprinkle with balsamic glaze with mango ) I always want to try this dragon fruit,but I didn't like it,but It taste better after I mixed on this salad.  Have a great weekend everyone,,,,enjoy your summer days :)

Srikaya Pandan Bread Pudding

SRIKAYA  Coconut jam ,  Srikaya , or  Kaya  ( Malay :  kaya  or  seri kaya ;  Tagalog :  matamís sa báo, matamís na báo,  or  kalamay-hatì ;  Hokkien : 咖吔 ka-iā ) is a  food spread , a  fruit curd  in the general sense, consumed mainly in  Southeast Asia  and made from a base of  coconut  and  sugar . Normally I use srikaya jam just for sandwich ,But two days ago when I start to make whipped cream with pandan flavor, after I whisk for long time it's never get stiff form, I realized  maybe because I use the light cream instead of regular,I only got bubble, But I don't  wasted, I was thinking for awhile,then I decide to make this "pandan srikaya bread pudding" it is already had pandan paste in  cream,just add eggs and other spice ingredients,on the recipe I suggest whisk egg and sugar first before cream !! It turn out really well for dessert that night :) Ingredients : - 8 sliced bread - 4 tbsp  srikaya jam - 1 1/4 cup light cream - 1 tbsp s

Coconut almond shortbread

I just love the combination coconut and almond, this shortbread cookies are an experiment it turn out really well, I've been made this so many times, If I have leftover egg yolk I always thought to make  this shortbread ;) Ingredients: -  2 stick unsalted butter ( room temperature ) -  3/4 cup sugar +  4 tbsp for sprinkle/topping -  4 egg yolk + 1 for wash -  4 cups flour -  1 cup sliced almond  -  1 bag/7 oz tender flake coconut sweetened / divide by two -  3 tbsp silk pure coconut milk - 1/2 tsp almond extract Topping - 1 egg yolk + 2 tbs  silk pure coconut milk   ( whisk egg yolk and milk ) - half bag/ 3 1/2 oz  of flake coconut sweetened - 1/4 cup sugar Ready to the oven,I can't wait to taste  :) And It was YUmmY :) Preparation: preheat oven on 350  degree F Beat butter and sugar until soft and fluffy add egg yolk one at a time add flour 1 cup at a time, and sliced almond add half bag/ 3 1/2 o

Soy puffs stir fry with pickled ginger strip

If you guys like tofu you will like this Soy puffs  but you only can find in Asian grocery store,you can add to stir fry,soup or salad. I recommend this to my fellow vegetarian or vegan. Ingredients : - 1 package of soy puffs - 1/2 lb  snow peas - 1 large carrot - 1/2 cup pickled ginger strip - 1 shallot - 2 clove garlic - 1/2 tbsp vegetable oil/sesame oil - 1 tbsp soy sauce - 1/2 tbsp rice vinegar - 1/2 tbsp  Sweet soy sauce - 1/2 tsp black pepper - 1/2 tsp red pepper flakes - fried shallot for sprinkle ( optional ) Preparation : cut soy puffs in half,peel carrot and slice,wash snow peas and set aside. on medium high temperature heat vegetable oil into skillet/wok meanwhile chop shallot and garlic, add into hot oil and fry until looks brown add ginger strip,soy sauce,sweet soy sauce,rice vinegar,black pepper and red pepper flakes add soy puffs and vegetables,stir and let them cook until all the sauce absurd about 5 to 8 minutes * serve with rice is best

Cucumber and tomato salad with mint dressing

English cucumber is one of my favorite,is sweeter and have thinner skin than other varieties of  cucumber and they are nearly seedless.It's remind me a type of cucumber in Asian country. I use them so often to make this  Indonesian acar timun   very simple salad and perfect pair with any fried rice dishes. But in this cucumber and tomatoes salad,I try to mixed things up with other herb that I'm not familiar with,like "mint" I don't use mint much on my cooking. Ingredients : - 1 English cucumber - 2 cups cherry tomatoes - 1/4 red onion dressing : - 1 tbsp basil and sun dried tomato seasoned oil/ olive oil - 2 tbsp lemon juice - 1 tsp honey - 1/2 tsp salt - 1/2 tsp pepper - 1/2 tbsp chopped mint ( whisk all ingredients together until combine) Preparations : cut cucumber into cube/ bite size,cut cherry tomato in half,thinly slice red onion In the mixing bowl pour salad dressing toss and mix them together.

Mango Berry Sangria and Blogerversary

I can't believe my blog is already a year old :) a year ago today I start to write on this blog,as a way to document my recipes. Then after I discovered foodbuzz  via google, I thought It was cool and fun to share foods pictures and recipes or any food related, with other foodies. Since then I found so many different foods and recipes from foodbuzz member,so thank you guys for sharing and cheers !!   Ingredients : - 1 cup fresh/frozen raspberries - 1 cup  fresh/frozen mango chunks - 2 cup sliced fresh strawberries - 1 lime /thinly slice - 1 lemon/thinly slice - 1 bottle rose wine - 1 bottle club soda/1 quart - 2 cup mango juice/ I use Ceres - 1/4 cup Chambord Preparation : Into the pitcher mix all fruits ingredients,berries,mango,slice lemon and lime pour rose wine,club soda,mango juice and chambord,stir and chill for 12-24 hours. E N J O Y ,,,,