mascarpone grits with sunny side up

Quick and easy breakfast meal to start a busy days, It take few minutes to have this creamy mascarpone grits with sunny side up for your breakfast

You can cook the grits in the microwave or on the stove,meanwhile get sunny side up egg in the skillet while the grits is in the process, Now you have It a perfect meal for breakfast.

Ingredients :
- 2 cup water
- 6 tbsp Quick grits
- 1 tsp butter
- 2 tbsp mascarpone cheese
- pinch salt and pepper ( optional )
- fried egg

Preparation :
Bring 2 cup water to boil and slowly stir grits and salt into briskly boiling water
reduce the heat to medium low and stir frequently
cook  about 5 minutes or until thickened stirring occasionally.
remove from heat add 1 Tbsp butter and 2 Tbsp mascarpone cheese
serve with fried egg if you like.

cook in the microwave follow the direction on the package and add the rest of ingredients


TinaRBK said…
This is one awesome breakfast! I do like grits, but now that you have included marscapone in them I am sure I will not be going back to the standard. Admist of all the dairies that you could have chosen, the marscapone was right on the mark. Well done-yum!
Nava K said…
Good invention with mascarpone and the egg on top. Looks lovely but I am totally not a breakfast person. The most is a glass of hot drink but sure I can have this grits for later part of the day.
Ridwan, this is such a unique and wonderful recipe. I love the idea of egg on polenta (grits). Fabulous!
Mark said…
Ridwn - I had grits this morning on my break, but they weren't anywhere as good looking as these... Nice job!
This breakfast looks so awesome - egg and marscapone? Amazing :D

Choc Chip Uru
Kitchen Simmer said…
What a beautiful breakfast!! Great use of mascarpone! :)
Peggy G. said…
I've developed a recent love for grits so this sounds really delicious =)
PinayinTexas said…
What a simple but wonderful breakfast!
Cucina49 said…
I love breakfast, though I typically don't make anything fancy either. These grits would be a huge hit in our house!
Foodie Stuntman said…
Congratulations on making the foodbuzz Top 9!
Suzi said…
Looks wonderful, I am not a fan of breakfast foods either but I do love a nice bowl of grits and this would do it. Congrats on the Top 9.
Angie's Recipes said…
A scrumptious breakfast! Love esp. the mascarpone grits.
Stephanie said…
What a great idea to use mascarpone with the grits! Looks so tasty !

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