Espresso dulche de leche iced coffee

When I saw this jar of espresso dulche de leche at stonewall kitchen store  in Maine, I didn't think twice just grab it and put in the basket, and my mind was thinking caramel ice coffee with espresso dulche de leche.

Ingredients :
- Fresh hot brewed coffee or cold coffee
- Ice cube
- 2 Tbsp espresso dulche de leche
- creamer or half and half

( If use cold coffee,heat-up in microwave about a minute or so, add espresso dulche de leche,stir until melted add ice cube and creamer or half and half  and ready to serve )


Nava K said…
I am not sure if I can find espresso dulche here but sure its a lovely drink. Can be made without much hassle for the wonderful taste.
Angie's Recipes said…
A fuss free and delicious ice coffee!
Amy said…
one of my favourites...but havent prepared at home!This looks delicious!
I love stonewall products! So yummy!
I love stone wall products! So yummy!
Oh, what a yummy twist on iced sounds irresistible!
Kalyan Panja said…
Just mouthwatering...looks delicious!
CQUEK said…
i must have it too.
Kitchen Simmer said…
What a great product... your coffee sounds delicious. :)
Anonymous said…
we've got almost the same beverage here in Palembang Ridwan,
it's calle kopi gulo puan,
puan is Palembang word for milk,
this is a condensed and caramellized buffallo milk that sold every friday at Masjid Agung.....
Elisabeth said…
Love this unusual iced coffee with the Dulce de Leche!

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