Mango and coconut strings in juice.

Since I'm fasting during the days for Ramadan,I like to have refreshing drinks when I brake my fast,so this kind of drinks is very simple to make and also perfect drinks for hot summer days like these days !!
you can use any fruits you like,,,

Ingredients :
- 1 mango ( peel,pitted and cut in cube )
- 1 cup string coconut in syrup
- 3 cup mango juice
- 1 cup sparkling water ( perrier )

Just mix all ingredients on the jar or bowl and serve with ice cube !!


Zoe said…
This will great for summer. Looks very refreshing :D
Elisabeth said…
Wow, looks like you and I are on the same page with the mangoes. Love your refreshing mango and coconut drink, and as always, I love your recipes, and pretty photos!
You were right about having the mangoes like ours in your hometown in Indonesia!
A perfect way to break your fast my friend, beautiful and refreshing :D

Choc Chip Uru
Nava K said…
Very refreshing and love the combo of mangoes and coconut strings.
Kitchen Simmer said…
I can imagine how good this must taste when you break your fast. All the best to your during Ramadan.
grubarazzi said…
This looks really, really refreshing!
Soni said…
This is something new to me but looks really delicious :)
What a delicious way to break your fast! Beautiful AND tasty!

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