Salmon Tempura salad with peanut sauce

In my previous post  about a week ago I made peanut sauce for lettuce bowl salad for dinner with friends, and I still have leftover need to use up,so I use them for "salmon tempura salad "
as a *tip* you can serve as appetizer menu,,,

 Or serve as a dinner meal,,,,add fried tofu or tempeh is best :)

Peanut sauce recipe are Here

for the salad you will need :
- lettuce
- English cucumber/ cut in strip
- shredded carrot
- thinly slice red onion

Salmon tempura :
- 1  fresh salmon fillet about 6 oz
- canola/vegetable oil for fry
- 1 cup tempura batter mix
- 3/4 cup ice cold water

preparation :
Heat vegetable oil in medium high temperature about 350 Degree F
cut  fresh salmon fillet into thin strips
mix tempura batter mix with ice cold water and stir in mix quickly
drop salmon strip into tempura batter mix,fry about 2 minutes each side or until golden brown and crispy
drain tempura on paper towel
ready to serve as topping into a salad mix


Oh, this looks delicious, Ridwan! Your salmon tempura is fabulous!
Nava K said…
Never did salmon with peanut sauce before and sure a new try it will be.
Another creative recipe of your I simply drooling over.
KitchenKarma said…
The salmon tempura and the peanut sauce both look yum...:-)
grubarazzi said…
Wow. This looks so wonderful!
S.V. said…
Salmon tempura sounds amazing. This looks fantastic.
Kitchen Simmer said…
This salad looks out of this world yummy!! I love the tempura salmon!! Well done. :)
Ridwan, I want to eat this for lunch tomorrow! Please send it my way! :)
Riceandcoconut said…
Thank you everyone for comments,I appreciated :)
Shoutforfood said…
Your photos & over-all blog lay-out is always stunning!

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