Cabot Greek mango and raspberry parfait

What I love about this Cabot Greek style yogurt is Rich and Creamy and layer with the two of my favorite fruits Mango and Raspberry,it was perfect to me,I can have this for my breakfast,lunch or simple easy dessert :)

for 2 serving you will need :
- 1 cup Cabot Greek style plan yogurt
- 1 mango/ peel and cut in cube
- 1/2 cup fresh raspberry
- 1 tsp ginger syrup ( optional )

Easy preparation :
in the parfait glasses,just layer,2 tbsp of yogurt,mango cube,raspberry,another layer of yogurt,mango and few raspberry on top and sprinkle with one teaspoon of ginger syrup if you like more sweetness.


Nava K said…
OMG!!! simple, attractive and all my fav ingredients inside. Will love to have a spoonful of this parfait.
I love mango and so like to do add in all sorts of desserts.
PinayinTexas said…
Oh my, this is so beautiful Ridwan! Love how refreshing this parfait looks!
Tes said…
What a pretty dish :) It's like summer in a glass :)
Kitchen Simmer said…
What a beautiful light dessert!! I love greek yogurt too. :)

PS.. Congrats on making Top 9 yesterday!!! Well done. :)
Long time didn't check your page (been busy though-sorry :P) ..It has new great look Ridwan... Nice, and the parfaıt looks tempting :P Nice shoot !
This looks so wonderful- I LOVE yogurt and fruit and have really been enjoying this brand, also.
Anonymous said…
You just did one of my favorite ways to make yogurt! Delish and your photos are lovely!
This is a great treat, Ridwan! I love yogurt parfaits!
Elisabeth said…
What a fabulous, healthy, colorful, and refreshing dessert. I am looking forward to our Florida mango season in a couple months, and will be making this yummy dessert.
Great presentation, as well!
Alana said…
What a beautiful and healthy parfait! The addition of ginger syrup is genius.
easyfoodsmith said…
This looks lovely. Mango is an all time favourite and I am eagerly waiting for them to pop up in the Indian market. A delicious and light dessert indeed. Well done!
Cucina49 said…
What a pretty parfait--this looks like a great combination of textures and colors!

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