Mango Strawberry Salsa

In My previous post I mention that I topped grilled salmon with Mango strawberry salsa,so here is the recipe, if you like mango you will enjoy this mango salsa as I do, fresh and yummy.

Ingredients :
- 1 mango/peel and dice
- 10 fresh strawberry/ dice
- 1/4 red onion/dice
- 2 sweet peppers/dice
- handful cilantro/chop

( mix all chopped ingredients into salad bowl,set aside )

dressing ingredients :

- 2 tbsp Avocado oil
- 1 tsp peppercorn chili oil
- 1 tbsp honey
- 2 tbsp lime juice + lime zest
- pinch of salt
( whisk all dressing ingredients until combine and pour in to salsa mix )


Anonymous said…
I was SO hoping you'd post this's terrific! Bright, colorful and your flavors are terrific! Thank you!
Zoe said…
This is an interesting way of making salsa. I've heard and seen that strawberry taste really good with balsamic vinegar, being part of salsa appear to be very innovative to me.
Nava K said…
Though I do make mango salsa but this unique recipes of yours with strawberry is new to me. Outstanding with the amazing contrast of colors.
Purabi Naha said…
This sounds great! Haven't come across avocado oil here in Hong Kong. Can i replace it wit something else? This looks like something I must try out.
Elpiniki said…
Great idea! I love all the ingredients!
Kitchen Simmer said…
This looks amazingly fresh and healthy. I love that you used avocado oil. I have never used this kind of oil and shall be on the look out for it now. :)
Mmmm...I adore mango salsa, and this one with the strawberries sounds amazing!!! So yummy!
Cucina49 said…
That's a gorgeous salsa, really colorful! NOw I just have to find some avocado oil.
Unknown said…
salsa look delish and fresh! tq for sharing ridwan, i never knew before about the avocado oil :D
and that... i notice that u have a new page header... wow, good looking one!
PinayinTexas said…
I just love the colorful and tasty combination of strawberry & mango! Totally mouthwatering!
Really love this one, Ridwan! This salsa would be great with chips or on chicken or fish!

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