Eggnog French Toast

After Muffins, Eggnog recipe is continue, I still have eggnog need to us up !
and I have a loaf bread from my neighbour,,,so perfect morning to make french toast with eggnog :)
Thank you Hickerson's family for cinnamon rolls and a loaf bread.

Ingredients :
6 sliced bread ( loaf bread )
1 cup Eggnog
1/2 tsp fresh nutmeg
1/2 tsp instant coffee
powder sugar
Ginger syrup/maple syrup
cooking spray

Preparation :
Heat flat grill on 350 degree F
mix eggnog with nutmeg and instant coffee whisk them until combine
dip sliced bread into eggnog mix
grill until golden brown both side  ( it takes about 3-5 minutes )
sprinkles with powder sugar and maple syrup ( I use ginger syrup )


What a fabulous breakfast...the French toast and syrup sounds like an amazing combination!
Kitchen Simmer said…
I had to laugh when I saw this post... I said to myself.. he still has eggnog to use up. :) Well, you came up with another great idea!! Well done. :)
Riceandcoconut said…
@Curry and Comfort
H,,ha,,ha,,,I was laughing my self too when i read your comments,,,I don't wanna wasted the food,even eggnog,,LoL,,
Cucina49 said…
Mmm, it almost looks like bread pudding--a good way to use up your eggnog!
Another great way to use up that eggnog! I love french toast!
Anonymous said…
One of my all time favorite ways to have French Toast. We usually have this Thanksgiving or Christmas morning!
wow... it looks great and finggerlicking post Ridwan.. thx for sharing the recipe... Yummy!!
That is SUCH a great idea for using up leftover eggnog or for a special holiday breakast!
Food Jaunts said…
Fabulous idea. I may actually buy eggnog just to use it in this recipe!

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