Mie goreng ayam ( chicken fried noodles )

The dish is derived from Chinese chow mein and believed to have been introduced by Chinese immigrants in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. Mie goreng is also similar to Japanese yakisoba. However mie goreng has been more heavily integrated into Indonesian cuisine. ( wikipedia )

I use dry egg noodles for this chicken fried noodles ( just follow direction on the package, and basically you can mix with any vegetables you like and omit the chicken and fish sauce to prepare as vegetarian or vegan meal

Ingredients :
200 gr egg noodles
2 tbsp sesame oil
1  boneless chicken breast 
1 shallot
2 Thai chili ( optional )
2 clove garlic 
1 tbsp minced ginger
2 tbs sweet soy sauce
1 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp fish sauce
1/2 cup chopped green onion
2 oz fresh snow peas
1/4 fresh crown broccoli
1/4 cabbage/ chop

Preparation :
soak egg noodles into briskly boiling water and simmer for about 2-3 minutes,and drain the water,set aside
slice boneless chicken breast really thin
chop shallot,garlic and chili
Heat sesame oil in the skillet
fry chicken until cook/golden brown add shallot,garlic,chili and ginger cook about 3 minutes or until fragrant
add vegetables stir and cook about 2-3 minutes
add noodles and chopped green onion.
in a small bowl mix soy sauce,sweet soy sauce and fish sauce
pour in to noodles mixed, cook and stir for awhile until combine.
and ready to serve immediately 
E N J O Y.


Kitchen Simmer said…
Okay you have me drooling right now!! My goodness that looks incredible!! I love all those Asian flavors so much! You did a fantastic job!! Thank for this great recipe. I will definitely make this soon!!:)
Sook said…
I love chicken fried noodles... love it!
I agree with Ramona, this looks and sounds delicious! Some of my favorite flavors~
These noodles look delicious, Ridwan! Great flavors!
Anonymous said…
Oh, this looks fabulous! I love this sort of dish and (like Ramona/Curry & Comfort) am positively drooling!
Nava K said…
Nice and like all the veg you have added inside, what more can I say about mie goreng, its so popular for us too.
Lilly said…
Great noodle dish! It's great because you can use whatever veggie you have and it will still taste good. Hope you did something fun this weekend!
Barton said…
sounds like nasi goreng with noodles, I love how Asian cuisine doesnt use salt or onion freedom comes
Zoe said…
Your mie goreng is so professional cooked with lots of flavours and healthy ingredients. Thumb up for this yummy noodles!
Unknown said…
This mie goreng looks yummy tasty ridwan!
how could I saw this post in the night?! haha ha!
I loves mie goreng with seafood and lots of veggie :)
Tq for sharing the recipe! ;)
Rita Sella said…
awesome, just found this blog from Indo blogger, the noodle completely drool-worth

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