mango ginger strudel

Mango and ginger are my favorite ingredients I often use in savory or sweet dishes ,This time I combine mango and ginger in pastry as an experiment, sweet with ginger flavored and crunchiness from crust and walnut.

Ingredients :

- 10 sheets fillo dough
- 1 ripe / firm mango
- 1 cup finely diced walnut
- 1/2 cup butterscotch chips
- 3 Tbsp melted butter
- 2 Tbsp ginger syrup
- 2 Tbs minced/grated ginger
- 2 Tbs powder sugar
Mango ginger strudel

In a mixing bowl, mix dice mango with ginger,ginger syrup,walnut
and butterscotch chips

on the work surface,layer five sheets fillo dough
brushing each sheet with melted butter

fill fillo dough with half mango mixture in the middle

fold it both side

 flip it into grease pan
and ready to bake in the oven
 for about 25 minutes/until golden brown

let them cool,sprinkle with powder sugar as optional


Peggy said…
Oh wow - this studel looks quite delicious! Never seen one with this combo of flavors before =)
Anonymous said…
Wow - that is amazing strudel and your flavors (with ginger) is brilliant! I'm glad the timing was there and I bet everyone LOVED it!
very tempting n inviting presentation...sounds delicious..
Tasty Appetite
Kim Bee said…
This looks absolutely perfect. You really did an amazing job on this.
I'm not really sure exactly what the correct way is to make a strudel, but yours looks really good! Great idea to use mango and ginger!
Luv'n Spoonfuls said…
Looks delicious! Got to get me some Ginger Syrup!!!!!
Cathleen said…
mmmm! Not surprised you used mango :)
Oh, I love strudel...and this looks like a delicious twist on my one of my favorites~
Saji said…
This look delicious!!
FIrst tym here and happy to follow u
Nava Krishnan said…
you keep tempting me so much with all your mango recipes.
S.V. said…
This sounds yummy! I love mango and ginger.
Amy said…
looks so delicious!!! I love mango,now I am thinking how the taste of this is....
Lilly said…
I like this version more then the original! Lovely flavors =)

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