Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Es campur/mixed ice fruits

Es campur / ice mixed with fruits in coconut water with simple syrup or use condensed milk for sweetness,  The main ingredients are coconut string or coconut gel ( nata the coco ) it is available in Asian grocery store, can be mix with any fruits you like such mango,strawberry,ripe jack fruit avocado etc.

Ingredients : estimates

- Coconut water/juice
- 1 mango/ cut in cube
- strawberries / slices
- Coconut gel or coconut string
- Condensed milk
- ice cube

For simple syrup

( mix 4 Tbsp sugar with 1/2 cup water and pandan leaf or substitute with 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract simmer in few minutes until sugar are dissolved )

How to prepare:
Basically  you can serve in individual bowl or cup
All ingredients can be estimates use as much fruits as you like and adjust sweetness if use both simple syrup and condensed milk or use one of them.

Put any slice fruits and ice cube in a small bowl or large cup, pour coconut water add symple syrup and condensed milk, Ready to serve.

coconut water/juice


Nava.K said...

I like this different type of recipe you have created with all varieties of fruits. Its awesome for the killing hot weather we are going through at Malaysia.

Asian-spice mix said...

It is very-very Hot here Too,almost in every state in USA,appreciated your comment,i love your blog as well
i'm a new follower on ur blog :) btw i'm indonesian we are very close :) but i live in US now.

Anonymous said...

I tried this recipe and it is different than anything I have tasted in the US. Just eating out of a bowl containing ice cubes is so different, but enjoyable. Thanks for sharing.

Asian-spice mix said...

I'm glad you tried and enjoy :)

Peggy said...

I like that there are fruits mixed into this - sounds like quite the refreshment!

Asian-spice mix said...

Thanks for comment peggy,,,it is very refreshment for Hot summer day :) you had a great blog !!

Indonesia Eats said...

Nahhh this is the dessert that I intended to make for summer since I still have some chocolate condensed milk. However, I don't have the "tape". :)

Asian-spice mix said...

@Indonesia Eats
pepy,,,i know add " tape" or peuyeum,kalo bahasa sunda, is even better :)