Dates chocolate and PB balls

The dessert balls it taste so fruity,nutty and rich in chocolate made out of girl scouts  dulche de leche owl mixed with one bar of chili chocolate,dates and peanut butter, the good news is I made them in microwave, need only four ingredients and few minutes to make those chocolate balls, set in the fridge until firmed.

Ingredients ;
- 10 piece seedless date/chop
- 1 strip lindt chili chocolate
- 5 dulche de leche owl
- 1/2 cup chunk peanut butter

Rough chop chocolate strip and mix with dulche de leche owl in a small bowl,
cook in microwave about a minute or so until melted
add chopped date and peanut butter,stir until combine,let them cool
ready to make a ball using plastic wrap to shape the little balls
Put in the fridge before you serve, to get perfect firmed balls.


Kitchen Simmer said…
These little date, chocolate and PB balls look yummy. I would love to enjoy them with a hot cup of tea. :)

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