Sweet potato compote

Sweet potato compote or Kolak ubi is Indonesian traditional dessert made with palm sugar,pandan leaf and coconut milk as basic ingredients, it is served either hot freshly cooked or cold.
for more taste I add ginger root,cinnamon stick and grated nutmeg.

- 1 pound / 2 large size sweet potato
- 2 cup coconut milk
- 2 cup water
- 1/2 cup palm sugar
- 2 pandan leaves
- 2 inch fresh ginger
- 1 cinnamon stick
- 1/2 teaspoon grated nutmeg
- pinch of salt

Preparations :
Peel sweet potato and cut in cube,bring to simmer with mixed coconut milk and water, add palm sugar,pandan leaves,cinnamon stick, fresh ginger, grated nutmeg and pinch of salt, Simmer sweet potato until cook/soft.
ready to serve freshly cook,hot or cold.


Nava K said…
Being the typical Asian, I am jumping here. You just got me worked up and I should be making it this weekend. A few pieces of daun pandan will do in too.
Pam said…
Looks and sounds delicious.
Anonymous said…
This compote is literrary a new vocab for me Ridwan,
i guess i've never add any nutmeg to this dessert before, intriguing to give it a try...
Unknown said…
There's always something new that I find here. Simple and amazing!
Amy said…
this looks delicious...I have tasted another dessert a bit similar to this with sweet potatoes.So I am sure this is so yummy!
This compote is colourful and delicious, bookmarked :D

Elisabeth said…
Ridwan, your sweet potato compote, is so inviting, perfect and super yummy!
From my initial first glance, this looked like a side dish! Fun to find out that it's a yummy dessert!
Kitchen Simmer said…
What a clever dessert!! I have only used sweet potatoes in sweet potato pie.. glad to see it in more desserts. :)
CQUEK said…
i love to have that soup.
Angie's Recipes said…
A very inviting sweet potato compote!
Unknown said…
I am drooling over your Kolak Ubi :D Lovely photos as always.

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