baked tofu cheese balls

This baked tofu cheese balls in an experiment in my kitchen, I blended tofu with Parmesan and mozzarella cheese and bake them, serve with soy spicy dipping sauce.
I never thought tofu and cheese work well together but it turn out really Yummy  recipe, I already made a second time and will make it again for sure.

Today I'm honored to be featured blogger at Yummly's blog so please click the link for the recipe

And thank you YUMMLY to share my recipe with the readers :)


These balls certainly turned out as a delicious experiment :D

Nava K said…
I adore the flavors, the Asian twist for such a wonderful and lovely beauties.
Amy said…
These cute cheese balls look very delicious...sure it is a worth experiment
Kitchen Simmer said…
How very clever to mix tofu and cheese. Congrats on Yummly!! That's awesome!
Pam said…
My tofu and cheese loving son would really like these!
Amy said…
how delicious! I love tofu and these would make the perfect appetizer or snacks for parties. Thank you so much for sharing.
Zoe said…
Congratulation that you are featured in Yummly!

These tofu cheese sounds yummy! I will need to eat more than a couple of these.

Angie's Recipes said…
These tofu balls look so delicious!
Anonymous said…
My kinda grownup brunch snack mas.....hehehe
btw, klo aku bikin bginian kok kadang klo dah digoreng suka kempot ya???
Elisabeth said…
Congratulations on being featured on Yummly!
Love your delicious Tofu Cheeseballs, so inviting!

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