Thursday, May 9, 2013

turkey bacon sandwich with scallion cream cheese spread

Easy breakfast,brunch,lunch or dinner maybe, why not :)  if you like scallion/green onion you can make easy soft cream cheese spread in a minute or replace green onion with other herbs that you like.


- Cooked turkey bacon,
- bagel
- soft cream cheese
- scallion/green onion or any herbs you like
- Any lettuce and bell pepper

Easy to prepare.
Cook 3 sliced  turkey bacon in microwave for 2-3 minutes
mix soft cream cheese with thinly slice/chopped scallion or herbs you like
spread  cream cheese mixture on bagel and arrange sandwich with any ingredients you like,lettuce, Bell pepper or anything you like on your sandwiches.


Navaneetham Krishnan said...

Turkey is perfect for me too. This is a fabulous sandwich, big, hearty and filling or a small eater like me. I think I will change some of the ingredients, more to suit my Asian taste.

Ramona W said...

I love this cream cheese... it's my favorite. I could really eat that sandwich this second... YUM!

Engineers Love Cooking said...

Salam Ridwan, use a lot of vegetable, like it.

Lail | With A Spin said...

Love how you used a lot of vegetables.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately bagel is kinda hard to find here in Palembang..
i guess this how i threat my dinner roll later on..
i've got a kranz turkey bacon on my fridge.....