turkey bacon sandwich with scallion cream cheese spread

Easy breakfast,brunch,lunch or dinner maybe, why not :)  if you like scallion/green onion you can make easy soft cream cheese spread in a minute or replace green onion with other herbs that you like.


- Cooked turkey bacon,
- bagel
- soft cream cheese
- scallion/green onion or any herbs you like
- Any lettuce and bell pepper

Easy to prepare.
Cook 3 sliced  turkey bacon in microwave for 2-3 minutes
mix soft cream cheese with thinly slice/chopped scallion or herbs you like
spread  cream cheese mixture on bagel and arrange sandwich with any ingredients you like,lettuce, Bell pepper or anything you like on your sandwiches.


Nava K said…
Turkey is perfect for me too. This is a fabulous sandwich, big, hearty and filling or a small eater like me. I think I will change some of the ingredients, more to suit my Asian taste.
Kitchen Simmer said…
I love this cream cheese... it's my favorite. I could really eat that sandwich this second... YUM!
Salam Ridwan, use a lot of vegetable, like it.
Love how you used a lot of vegetables.
Anonymous said…
Unfortunately bagel is kinda hard to find here in Palembang..
i guess this how i threat my dinner roll later on..
i've got a kranz turkey bacon on my fridge.....

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