Chocolate cupcakes with coffee cream filling

My friend shared this recipe with me,and I really like the taste of coffee in it.,,so I  made this cupcakes and I re-share her recipe with you guys, if you are a "coffee" fan ,you should try this chocolate cupcakes.

And coffee butter cream frosting,,,,,

I have to share this cupcakes with my neighbour and their kids, Lily and Jude,so  I  have to change ingredients with decaf coffee and use brewed decaf coffee instead of coffe liqueur for cream filling :)

The recipe are here


Kitchen Simmer said…
What a fun cupcake. Love the coffee cream filling.. that's a good one I have never seen. :) and chocolate go together so well. Your cupcakes sound amazing, Ridwan!! I bet the neighbor kids loved them :)
Coffee and chocolate are such a great combo!
Elisabeth said…
Coffee, paired with chocolate is always a winner for your yummy cupcakes! Nice to hear from you again, Ridwan!

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