Friday, July 13, 2012

Paris-Amsterdam Trip

Hi everyone,I'm back safe and sound,I had a great time in both cities Paris and Amsterdam,both cities are beautiful in different ways.
My favorite things in Paris is walking tour to Montmartre,it's such beautiful place.

 And of course the  french bakery,oh,,,These macaroons and Eclair I never had enough :)

The trip from Paris to Amsterdam by train it take about four hours they serve a snack and lunch meal,I know I ate too much :)

Amsterdam is very crowded with bicycles and the the city looks very attractive with the canals,I enjoy the bus city tour and also the boat tour in the canals,,,

I recommended Sofitel legend the Grand Amsterdam the hotel is located in the middle of the city,the room was very comfortable and the breakfast was perfect :)

Indonesia was a dutch colony before Indonesia declared independence, so both countries share each others cultures.It's very easy to find Indonesians food in Amsterdam.
Rijstaffel = Rice table is one of popular Indonesians food,most of Indonesian restaurant have rijstaffel on the menu, with minimum two person you can order this risjtaffel menu ( is little bit of everything on the serving platter ) to share.

I'll be back with new post soon :)


Engineers Love Cooking said...

Salam, what a nice trip. Look you enjoy your outing.

Cucina49 said...

I'm glad you had such a wonderful trip! The last time I went, I actually stayed at a great little hotel in Montmartre.

Navaneetham Krishnan said...

Hi Rid,

Welcome back to the blogging world. Both are beautiful places, Paris as well as Amsterdam. Of course, among all of the food, its the Indonesian I am drooling over.

Guru Uru said...

Welcome back my friend, so happy to hear from you again :D
I am so happy you had such a wonderful trip - your photos are fantastic :D

Choc Chip Uru

Lizzy said...

Welcome home, Ridwan! Thanks for sharing your lovely trip with us...I'm hoping to get to Amsterdam one day~

Curry and Comfort said...

What a fantastic trip!! I really enjoyed looking at your pictures!! I have been to Paris once (20 years ago).... It's time I go for another visit I think. :) Welcome back!! Have a great weekend. ~ Ramona

Angie's Recipes said...

Welcome back! Looked like you had some fun in Europe.

Ridwan@Asian spice mix said...

Thank you everyone for comments,I had a grand time in both cities :)