Mango-berry dulce de leche Smoothies

Fresh fruits and dulce de leche actually taste really well together,like this smoothie I just want to experiment to mixed fresh fruits and dulce de leche with coconut cream,,,,it was,,,Yummy,and is gonna be perfect for summer drinks.

Ingredients : serve for 2
- 1 mango peeled,pitted and cut in cube
- 8 fresh strawberry cut in half
- 3 tbsp dulce de leche
- 3 cup crushed ice / ice cube
- 1/2 cup cold water
- 2 tbsp coconut cream
( mix all ingredients into blender,process / blend until smooth pour into glass and serve )


Oh, this is one irresistible smoothie!!! YUM!
TinaRBK said…
I am seeing a lot of the dulce or caramel with fruit these days. However, this is the first I have seen dulce de leche used in a smoothie, very creative. It does look pretty amazing in that picture!
Kitchen Simmer said…
YUMMMM!! I love the addition of dulce leche in here! Great smoothie. :) Have a wonderful Weekend! ~ Ramona
I adore the flavor of dulce de leche! I can only imagine how wonderful it must be paired with mango.

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