Strawberry tartlet/Giancarlo fine european pastry

There will be no recipe on this post,I just want to share a gift from our friend Tracey,she got this strawberry tartlet from " Giancarlo Fine European pastries"  one of popular local pastry in Staunton,Virginia.
I just take a picture before we enjoy every bite of it,,,,,Thank You tracey,such a YummY and beautiful strawberry tartlet :)


Anonymous said…
Wow - that certainly looks amazing! Beautiful photos!
Zoe said…
This tart looks so pretty! :D
Angie's Recipes said…
o my..this looks stunning!
Nava K said…
Looks so gorgeous and I would love to have a slice of it.
Kitchen Simmer said…
Great photos!!! I wish I had a bite too. :)

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