Lemon Pepper Grilled salmon

Salmon fish can be pricey,especially in the restaurant,but you still can create elegant dish at home with no time,and cheaper than what we pay in the restaurant.

This recipe is very easy and simple,you can serve with side of rice,noodles or vegetables, topping with mango strawberry salsa ( recipe will post later ) and grilled asparagus.

Ingredients :
2 salmon fillet  6-8 oz each / Atlantic or sockeye
lemon pepper spice blend
peppercorn chili oil or olive oil

Preparation :
Heat grill pan in medium high temperature.

Meanwhile,,,,sprinkles  both side of salmon fillet with salt, lemon pepper spice blend and peppercorn chili oil if you like spicy,or use olive oil.

Cook for about 3-4 minutes each side or until the middle part cook through,if you like grill asparagus you can cook them on the side at the same time

E N J O Y ,,,


I love salmon too. Great recipe.
Salmon is definitely my favorite fish...and this looks like a delicious preparation!
Zoe said…
Love your presentation! This dish has lots of restaurant factors.
Anonymous said…
This looks delicious and I like the idea of a mango strawberry salsa...I look forward to that recipe! GREAT photos!
easyfoodsmith said…
I love the simplicity of your salmon dish and of course the presentation is beautiful too :)
Nava K said…
Salmon is also over fav but just like you said, its pricey and once a while treat for us. So I rather most of the time go for our local fish but this sharing of yours is simply tempting. I have one slice of salmon fish in the fridge and gonna do this recipe for my hubby for this weekend.
Rathai's recipe said…
I know what you mean, Ridwan. Salmon is not only easy to prepare, it tastes best when it is cooked lightly, because it is so tasty, delicate and succulent just the way it is. I am trying to make my parents understand this. :)
Riceandcoconut said…
Thanks you everyone for comments :)
KitchenKarma said…
You are so right, salmon is so very easy to cook, your grilled salmon looks yum :-)
Anonymous said…
HI Ridwan - that salmon tasted as great as it looks here. Thanks for sharing with me. I love the new look of the header of your blog. The photos are great! I enjoy reading your blog at my lunch time each day!
PinayinTexas said…
I love how quick you can prepare this and yet come up with a very elegant dish! So wonderful!
Cucina49 said…
Those photos are so lovely! We eat so much salmon up in Alaska that it starts to get a little old after a while--this is a perfect recipe to mix it up for us!
Salmon is probably my favorite fish too. And I love lemon pepper flavoring for it! Yours looks delicious and you had great presentation!
Anonymous said…
salam dr sesama food blogger,
presentasinya oke punya nih, kayaknya musti berguru, btw emang profesinya chef ya ?
kamera yg dipakai apa ?
it's kind of great food blog of you.....
btw lemon pepper is actually called szechuan peppercorn and in indonesia, especially bataknese, it known as ANDALIMAN

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