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Seafood medley Tom Yum soup

This type of Thai soup is very popular in Thai cuisine around the world,is basically clear soup with prawn/shrimp and mushroom with rich Asian spices in it,such as galangal,lemon grass and kafir lime leaf and is spicy too which I like.
But I will make this Tom Yum soup my own,I use seafood medley instead of prawn/shrimp,and thicker soup instead of clear.

Ingredients :
- 2 lbs seafood medley ( shrimp,mussel and squid )
- 1 cup sliced mushroom
- 1 cup small young corn ( Asian best )
- 3 cup of water
- 1 cup of milk ( optional for thicker soup )
- 1/2 tbsp vegetable oil

spices ingredients :
- 1  clove shallot ( thinly slice )
- 1 clove garlic ( thinly slice )
- 1 stalk lemon grass ( thinly slice )
- 1 tbsp grated fresh galangal
- 1 teaspoon tomato paste
- 2 Thai chili/ fresh red Cayenne pepper ( chopped really fine )
- 1 teaspoon tamarind juice/ lemon or lime juice
- 1 tsp fish sauce
- salt to taste
- pinch of sugar
- 4 kafir lime leaves
- 2 stalk green onion ( thinly slice )

preparation :
in medium high temperature, heat vegetable oil in the soup pan
fry shallot,garlic,lemon grass,galangal,chili and tomato paste for about 2-3 minutes
add water,milk, lime leaves  and seafood medley bring to boil until seafood is cooked
add tamarind juice,fish sauce and salt to taste and pinch of sugar
add mushrooms and baby corn continue to cook for another few minutes,,,
topping with thinly sliced green onion


Nava.K said…
How not to drool over this tom yum soup as you know I am all into Asian food, that spicy, sour and salty taste which is a must. Looks like we both used lime leaves for our recipes today.
drolling over this post... hayooo.. kamu kudu tanggung jawab nih karena lagi kehabisan bumbu dapur :))
My favorite, and you made them so tempting for me :p
I really love the look of this soup. Thai soups are fantastic and your version is really nice! Your pictures are wonderful! Well done. :)
I have been soup crazy for the past couple of weeks, most likely due to the rain and cold weather. This is a great mix up to my ordinary soup recipes! I shall have to try it soon as it looks delicious!
Yum, thats looks delicious
Kim - Liv Life said…
I love all of the ingredients except the squid! I really, really wish I liked it, but I just don't. My Father in Law adores it and would eat it for ever meal if he could. He always laughs at me when I say "no thank you" to his offer to share.
What a wonderful recipe you have hear! The flavors are just leaping off the page.... Nicely done!
Red_Shallot said…
Sayang kita tinggalnya jauhan. Kalo deket, aku mampir (sambil bawa mangkok) hehehe...
Looks good, Ridwan!
Shutterbug said…
that looks good. i like thai flavours.
Lizzy said…
What a beautiful, delicious soup! I MUST make this winner!
Hello, nice blog. Your template same as mine. Please visit mine at for local Malaysian recipes that I have tried. All recipes in bilingual (in Malay and English). Thanks.
Asian-spice mix said…
Thank you all for comments,I appreciated :)
Great version of Tom Yum soup! Deliciously comforting!
Loveforfood said…
Holy moly these look amazing!
Soni said…
I love Thai food and always wanted to make yummy Thai soups, and this looks like a perfect recipe to try out!Thanks for sharing.Your pics are beautiful!
Elpiniki said…
Looks delicious!
Great presentation!
I just found your blog and I love it! Am a happy follower now! Visit me at:
Hope to see you around!
Rathai said…
You have a lovely space here. I just found your blog and fell in love with it. I loved all the recipes that I got a glimpse of. Very meticulously executed and presented dishes.
CulinaryCache said…
This soup looks delicious! Just came across your blog today and looking forward to seeing more recipes!
Anderson Clark said…
Wow, look like great I like it very much. If anyone wants to eat seafood they must be visited.

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