Grilled salmon on skewers

The weather is really nice today,not too cold and not too hot,After work I decide to mow the grass and thinking about simple dinner for tonight,,,,so I still can roll the grill in the back porch,before the weather getting colder!

Grilled salmon on skewers with basmati rice
I have leftover basmati rice from last night,I thought salmon will be great with it, side of simple salad with store bought salad dressing, soy sesame ginger vinaigrette it was YUMMY :)


2 salmon fillet / 16 oz
1/4 cup teriyaki honey pineapple glazed
1 tbs olive oil
5 bamboo skewers
turn on grill on medium high temperature
cut salmon fillet in cube
mix teriyaki honey pineaple glaze with olive oil
pour in to salmon cube, marinated about 15 minutes
and  arrange on the skewers,grill about 3 minutes each side or until fully cook
look golden brown.

E N J O Y 


Nava K said…
lovely and tempting, salmons are always our fav but its once a while. The price can be quite expensive over here.
Amy said…
looks so tasty!!
You can't beat grilled salmon! This looks really good!
Food Jaunts said…
Oh my gosh your salmon skewers look so good!

My family would go crazy for them - great post
Nancy said…
These sound delicious! It's great that you were able to pair them with leftover rice, good for you for not wasting food.
hmm...harumnya berasa sampai sini..hehehee... thx for sharing the recipe.. it looks Fully yummy Ridwan...!
*btw,, you have daun pisang juga disana?? envy mode on >,<
Riceandcoconut said…
@My Home Diary in Turkey
In the summer time i have a banana plant,is only grow ,berdaun saja tanpa berbuah,the plant looks shorter than original banana plant from tropical country,BTW daun pisang frozen is available in Asian market here :)
Amy said…
Hi Ridwan,do you like to share this with my event?A good way to use leftover rice,the other is the details
Lilly said…
Those salmon skewers look mouthwatering! I’m glad you could still use the bbq.
Inessa said…
Love, love salmon. Looks really good. Great recipe.
John Green said…
Sounds delicious, Thanks for sharing

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