Golden Kiwi cucumber salad

I do like to cook But sometime there is a time that I feel like,,I don't want to cook,just have a simple meal like a salad with store bought dressing, on my preview post I'm talking about to clean the fridge and freezer ( using old stuff before going bad ) one of them is a salad dressing,,,I won't keep more longer,,,so I've been using this "sesame soy ginger vinaigrette,,,,next post I will have dish with pastry,,,yup these getting old too,,,
Golden kiwi cucumber salad
This is just simple salad,no recipe you can have with anything you like,,
I use what I have in the kitchen  :)

4 golden kiwi
1/2 english cucumber
3 red radish
little bit red onion
( just slice them,and pour salad dressing on top )


Love this salad. Easy and tasty.
So pretty! Do golden kiwi taste like the typical green version?
Zoe said…
This is new to me using kiwi as an ingredient for salad.
Amy said…
This salad looks great,I am sure it is tasty too...salad is a thing that we can prepare easily & also helpful to finish items without wasting....great idea...
Riceandcoconut said…
lizzy,Golden kiwi is sweeter than a green one,I love them both :)
Riceandcoconut said…
I like any fruits on the salad,when i try kiwi,I love it :)
Kitchen Simmer said…
Lovely salad!! I know how you feel about not wanting to cook sometimes. :)
Nava K said…
I agree with you, simple meals are the best when those lazy and time crisis creeps it, nice done with kiwi as a salad though its new to me.
Anonymous said…
This looks pretty! It's also the second time I've seen golden kiwi in as many days...I've never seen or heard of them before! BTW - I buy a very similar bottled dressing and it's just about the only bottled dressing I do use - because it's delicious!
Unknown said…
golden kiwi and cucumber!
healthy refreshing salad ridwan, tq for sharing the recipe :)
I often had that feeling too, especialy when dinner is come... hehe he :D
How's ur gym yesterday ridwan? burn caloes enough? ;)
Riceandcoconut said…
Me too,,,the only dressing that i bought,,is about sesame, ginger,soy ( similar with that ) it was Yummy on the salad :)
Riceandcoconut said…
I think everyone have the same feeling about cooking sometime,,,
The gym ?? I try,,,i did run every other day about 4-5
mile I can't do everyday anymore,i'm getting old hehehe,,,

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