Banana orange cookies crust

Banana orange cookies crust with yogurt cream sauce

Ingredients :estimates
ingredients :
2 ripe banana
12 pcs orange flavored cookies ( any kinds )
1 tsp orange zest ( from an orange )
2 tbs butter

Preparation :
peel banana cut by two or three and set aside
on food processor pulse cookies and orange zest until soft crumbled
transfer to a plate
coated banana with cookies crust
heat butter on the skillet on medium high
fry about 2 minutes each side or until golden brown

I served this  this banana with  very simple yogurt cream sauce
2 tbs plan yogurt
2 tbs whipped cream
1 tbs honey
pinc of orange zest/grated
just mix it together



Nava K said…
Nice, yummy with the yogurt served together. Btw, your blog look awesome and thanks for your comments.

From now on, we can share our recipes and am glad for your friendship. take care.
Anonymous said…
nice esp with the yogurt served together. thanks for your comments on my blog.

From now on, we can share and see the recipes we post and thanks again for the friendship. take care.
Riceandcoconut said…
@Nava.KThank for a comment,sure we can share our recipes :) your blog is great as well.

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