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Jackfruit cookies ring

Jackfruit cookies ring ( from wikipedia ) Jackfruit is commonly used in South and Southeast Asian cuisines. [16]  It can be eaten unripe (young) when cooked, or ripe uncooked. [16]  The  seeds  may be boiled or baked like beans. The leaves are used as a wrapping for steamed  idlis . [ edit ] Young fruit The young fruit is called  Polos  in  Sri Lanka . It is a dish with spices to replace meat curries in Sri Lankan cuisine. The skin of unripe (young) jack fruit must be pared first and discarded and then the whole fruit can be chopped into edible portions and cooked to be eaten. The raw young fruit is not edible. [16]  Young jackfruit has a mild flavour and distinctive poultry like texture. The cuisines of  India ,  Nepal ,  Bangladesh , Sri Lanka ,  Indonesia ,  Cambodia , and  Vietnam  use cooked young jackfruit. [16]  In Indonesia, young jackfruit is cooked with coconut milk as  gudeg . In many cultures, jackfruit is boiled and used in curries as a staple food [17]

Pandan coconut cupcakes

Pandan coconut cupcakes  Ingredients : 2 1/2 cup flour 2 tbs baking powder 1 cup unsalted butter ( room temperature ) 1 cup sugar 2 egg 1 tsp pandan paste 1 tsp vanilla extract 1 cup thick coconut milk For the Icing: 1/4 cup condensed milk 1/4 cup powder sugar 1/4 cup sour cream 1/2 tsp vanilla extract Preparation : heat oven on 350 F shift flour and baking powder,set aside Beat butter and sugar until soft and fluffy add egg one at a time  add pandan paste and vanilla add flour mixture then coconut milk pour in to muffin/ cupcakes/ bake cups large size make about 18 cupcakes for the icing : on the Small bowl,just mixer all icing ingredients about 2-3 minutes until combine (  use crunch accent on top of icing or cupcakes decoration ) or toasted of coconut if you like Bake about 20-25 minutes E N J O Y 

Breaded Catfish in spicy ginger sauce

Catfish as food/wikipedia Catfish is eaten in a variety of ways; in Europe it is often cooked in similar ways to  carp , but in the United States it is typically crumbed with  cornmeal  and fried. [20] In  Indonesia  catfish are usually served grilled in street stalls called  warung  and eaten with vegetables and  soy sauce ; the dish is called Pecel Lele . Catfish can also be eaten with  chili sambal  as  Lele Penyet  (minced catfish). ( Lele  is the  Indonesian  word for catfish) In  Malaysia  catfish, called "Ikan Keli", is fried with spices or grilled and eaten with tamarind and Thai chillies gravy and also is often eaten with steamed rice. In the Indian states of  West Bengal ,  Assam  and  Bangladesh  Catfish (locally known as Magur) is eaten as a favored delicacy during the monsoons. Catfish, locally known as  thedu  or  etta  in Malayalam, is very famous in Indian State,  kerala . It is also believed that catfish meat helps in blood purification. Catfis

Pineapple cucumber salad

Pineapple cucumber salad Summer is almost over i hate it :(  because i like to see my herbs plants growing all the time,so if i need it just pick it :)   like today,,,i use some cilantro and Thai chilli's for my salad ,One of menu for dinner with friends tonight. i love the smell of fresh herbs,,,i  know i can freeze chilli's for sure, and i can use them durring the winter but i don't know about herb,i never!! by the way,l can wait to share this salad recipe with you guys. i like it very much,the sweetness from pineapple taste really good with hot spicy thai chili's,i definitely will make it again :) peanut cilantro lime dressing Ingredients; 1/2 of a fresh pineapple 1 english cucumber 1 carrot 1/4 of a red onion dressing ingredients; handful of cilantro 1/4 cup unsalted peanut 2 thai chilli's ( optional ) 1 tbs cane brown sugar 1 tsp salt 1 lime juice ( from one lime ) 1/2 tsp fish sauce 1 tbs avocado oil before add a salad dressi

Beef and cabbage soup Rendang

Unlike " beef rendang" thick slice beef with thick coconut chili's sauce and cook simmer for long time,this beef and cabbage rendang are soupy dish,and made by cut thinly sliced beef. Ingredients : 1 pound thinly sliced beef ( round eye beef roast ) 1/2 medium  size cabbage 1/2 cup coconut milk 2 tbs vegetable oil 2 shallot 2 clove garlic 2 red chilli's/cayenne pepper 1 inch of galangal 2 bay leave 2 star anise 1/2 tsp pepper+ salt to taste 1/2 tsp nutmeg 1/2 tsp ground ginger 1 tbs Beef base 1 tsp sweet soy sauce 5 cup water Preparation : slice beef in to small size/what u prefer cut cabbage rough big chopped set aside,,, chop shallot,garlic,galangal and chilli's until grounded heat oil on big soup pan fry grounded spice ingredients ( shallot etc) until cook or brown add beef base, and the rest of spice ingredients add coconut milk and water add sliced beef ( simmer for about an hour or so,,,after beef is cooked then add ca

Baked Yellow rice

As an Indonesian I love fried rice,I always made fried rice whenever I had leftover rice, but this time instead of fry I bake the rice with vegetables and beef sausage as optional, You can make this rice  dish as vegan-vegetarian dish too,just omit the sausage. I use the beef sausage just to use up leftover but you can use any meat sausage you likes, adding sliced baby bella mushrooms in this baked rice is perfect, I recommended especially for vegan or vegetarian. Ingredients : 8 cups cooked rice/cold/leftover 1 can whole kernel corn 1 can butter bean 8 oz slices baby bella mushrooms 6 oz beef sausage/ chicken sausage/estimates  ( optional ) cut in cube 2 cube beef/vegetables bouillon 1 onion/chop 2 clove garlic/chop 2 Tbsp butter plus for grease For the spices ingredients 1 teaspoon cardamom powder 2 inch lemon grass/thinly slices or powder 1 tsp turmeric powder 1 teaspoon curry powder pinch of black pepper/white pepper 1/2 tsp red pepper flak

Roasted tomato basil soup

To my friend bridget Thank you so much for sharing the recipe of "roasted tomato basil soup " I like it so much, I do follow your recipe except, use any tomatoes what I have on hand  from  our little garden need to use up soon, And I'm glad that I use these basil from the garden too,, This kinds of soup is something different from my " Asian foods" I never have it until last week at your house and  I enjoy it,,,,I think I use to much red pepper  though, because I noticed  Mark was sweating when he ate the soup :) sorry I didn't taste it,,,I'm still fasting LoL,,,,and of course is not Too "spicy hot" for me and you,,,,you know I'm not follow measurement on red pepper part  obviously i did on purpose :) Roasted tomato basil soup cut tomatoes sprinkles with olive oil,sat and pepper yellow onion and garlic Plum tomato with juice  try to take pictures many time,still not clear :( Sweet basil Ing